Jamie Young Perlman

I’m a strategic go-to-market (GTM) and partnerships leader with over two decades of experience driving growth at B2B SaaS companies. Teams I've led have envisioned, structured, negotiated, and executed on alliances that have differentiated products, generated hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue, and elevated companies to market-leading positions. See some examples of the work of teams I've led below.

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Lookout, Dropbox: Box And Google Just Formed An Alliance To Integrate Their Products

While the gadget-hungry of the tech world tuned into iPhone 7 announcement on Wednesday, was making a surprise appearance at the conference of smaller enterprise rival to announce an alliance that could signal the beginning of a major shift in the file-sharing tech race. At Box's annual BoxWorks conference in San Francisco, the two companies announced a partnership to work together on multiple cloud integrations. Most notably, Box's file storage will integrate into Google's popular Google Docs,

Box and IBM introduce Box Relay, a new product to streamline work in the cloud

Box and enterprise giant IBM on Tuesday introduced Box Relay, the first in a number of new products Box will roll out this week at its BoxWorks 2016 customer conference. "We are going to be introducing an all-new Box," said Box CEO Aaron Levie. "One place to manage, share and collaborate around your information." Box Relay is part of Box's broader strategy aimed at making its service more "sticky," and the go-to service people use to collaborate and get work done in the cl

Here's why Microsoft and Google have the same competitor as a partner

It sounds like the start of a bad joke: executives from Microsoft, Google, Amazon and IBM walk into a conference with one thing in common. But all of those companies are appearing on stage at BoxWorks in San Francisco, in part because they all work with the cloud storage and content services company in one capacity or another. Box works with Microsoft to integrate its products with Office 365, Amazon to host services in different cloud data centers, and IBM on new applications, services and sal
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